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My name is Aga and I write about Italy (travels, fashion, products, cuisine, culture) in Polish. I love it and I love sharing my passion for it. I would be delighted to hear from you if you think your brand or product would be a good fit and of interest to my readers and the online community.

To contact me about a potential collaboration or for a copy of my Media Kit, please email me at aga@uwielbiamwloskieklimaty.com, or send me a direct message on Instagram here or on Facebook here.

I share my passion and inspire people 

My name is Aga, and I am the author of the blog “Uwielbiam włoskie klimaty” (I Love Italian Vibes).

On the blog:

  • I share my passion for Italy, inspiring my readers to travel to Italy and bring Italian vibes into their daily lives in Poland.
  • I promote authentic Italian cuisine.
  • I discuss observations about Italian culture and society.
  • I talk about language learning.
  • I review and describe places in Poland that promote Italian style.
  • I share my travels and experiences.
  • I promote interesting books and albums about Italy.
  • I playfully and lightheartedly describe Italians.
  • I share personal reflections on personal growth.
  • I share my own travel photographs.
  • I share stories of other authors through guest posts and stories from my readers.
  • I tell interesting stories related to Italy!

Uwielbiam włoskie klimaty (I Love Italian Vibes) pays attention to cultural and linguistic correctness, as well as the visual aesthetics of posts and materials. All photographs are taken by me unless otherwise indicated.

Readers actively engage not only in reading the blog but also in commenting and conversations on social media.

Uwielbiam włoskie klimaty includes:

  • Blog: uwielbiamwloskieklimaty.com
  • Newsletter
  • Travel descriptions and guides (example: here)
  • Reader stories and guest posts
  • Engaged community on Facebook and Instagram

How can we partner together?

I invite tourist offices, travel organizers, marketing and advertising agencies, institutions promoting Italian cities and regions, publishers, travel and culinary magazines, Italian restaurants, and other interested parties to collaborate.

Italy-inspired Art

Painting is my passion. I create watercolor paintings inspired by Italy (and beyond), and I have written about it in more detail here. Painting is my way of meditation and expressing the beauty I see in small moments, Italian alleys, and sipping cappuccinos. I share my work on Instagram @ciao.aga and sell them on Etsy. Occasionally, I also engage in coffee painting.


Forms of Collaboration

I am open to various forms of collaboration, such as:

  • Blog articles/press releases
  • Social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Product placement (depending on the product, ensuring message consistency)
  • Influencer trips
  • Article links
  • Blog advertising (banners)
  • Promotion of regions and cities
  • Product, service, place reviews, product testing
  • Travel with written and video reports
  • Press trips
  • Affiliate programs
  • Reader contests
  • Podcasts, interviews
  • Illustrations for books and magazines
  • Watercolor painting workshops for companies and groups
  • Coffee painting workshops for companies and groups
  • Event coverage
  • Participation in inspiring travel meetings


In addition to my blogging activities, I have been professionally supporting brands, organizations, and international agencies in digital and inbound marketing for 12 years. If you would like to learn about my experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile. I can assist your company with marketing campaigns, content marketing, and marketing strategy.

Please feel free to contact me:

Agnieszka Molęda-Orella

aga(at)uwielbiamwloskieklimaty.com or fill out the form below:


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